Cox Ahlers, *1979 (geb. Langer) in Heidelberg, lebt in Berlin. Sie arbeitet als Performerin, Regisseurin, Artistic Coach, Workshopleiterin und Veranstalterin von zeitgenössischen Zirkus Projekten. Sie ist Vorstand und Städtepolkoordinatorin Berlin des Bundesverbands zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.


Cox Ahlers is living and working in Berlin, born 1979 in Heidelberg, she started circus at the age of nine. In ESAC Brussels she graduated 2002 as dance-acrobat specialized in site specific performances. Now she is working as performer, director, teacher, outside-eye and organizer in the field of contemporary circus. She enriched her approach to contemporary arts via workshops with Firenza Guidi, the DAS arts feedback method and dramaturgy labs with Sebastian Kann. Her way of creating brought out the contemporary circus productions “Feedbackschleifen” 2012, her Solo “And what if” (wip) and the interdisciplinary performances “Ein kybernetischer Zirkus”, “Substantia - das Licht greifen” and "on the brink" at the Bauhausfest from Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau 2016, 2017 and2019. As Berlin-coordinator from Bundesverband zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. ( federal association for contemporary circus) she supports the network of contemporary circus scene and its further development.